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National President Emeritus, 1936-1938

Wesley C. Drummond, M.A., Beta


Originally from Spirit Lake, Iowa, Wesley C. Drummond obtained his B.A. in Spanish from the University of Iowa in 1926. He completed post-graduate work at the University of Nebraska while teaching in Norfolk, Nebraska, then moved to California with his new wife where he completed additional post-graduate work at UCLA while teaching at Riverside Polytechnic High School. Mr. Drummond then began working on a Masters degree at the University of Southern California where he was inducted into Pi Delta Phi in 1932 and Sigma Delta Pi in 1933. After completing his M.A. degree, he taught at Long Beach City College where he served as faculty advisor to the local Alpha Mu Gamma chapter. After his service as National President of Pi Delta Phi, he served as a National Vice President of Sigma Delta Pi in 1941, then later National President of Alpha Mu Gamma from 1960-1962. Mr. Drummond passed away in 1990.


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