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The Executive Board would like to thank our many chapter faculty Moderators for their support of Pi Delta Phi. All of the information, forms and links needed by faculty to serve as a chapter Moderator are available under the Moderator menu.


10 year service charm

Chapter Moderators should be full-time teaching members of the language department. Moderators may enlist the assistance of another faculty member, graduate student, adjunct, etc. to assist with some duties, but in that case moderators are responsible to train selected staff to use the database and to order memberships; the national office is not able to provide individual training for your staff. If a new chapter moderator is not a member of Pi Delta Phi, please have a current faculty member–who is a member of Society–induct her/him into the school's chapter as an Honorary Member before beginning official duties. Please remember to pay the honorary membership fee and add the new moderator's name and information to the database. If no current faculty member is a member of Pi Delta Phi, please contact the National President.


Moderator duties take very little time annually. Download our Moderator Brochure for helpful reminders and deadlines. Consult the FAQ page for frequently asked questions.


  • Hold at least one meeting a year, including an annual initiation ceremony for any new members.

  • Have each candidate for membership submit a membership form and check to cover the lifetime membership fee to the Chapter Moderator by October 15 (for any fall ceremony) or March 15 (for any spring ceremony).

  • Enter new member information into the online database when you order memberships; retain the paper membership forms in your office.

  • Place a single--not multiple--order for memberships and supplies using the database, and pay for your order using Paypal (which you can link to a department credit card) at least 3 weeks prior to your ceremony; NO LATER than November 20 (fall) or April 20 (spring). Late requests are not accepted.

  • Encourage your best students to apply for a Pi Delta Phi scholarship for summer study abroad.

  • Assure that any chapter website or social media group follows our Networking Guidelines, and encourage your students to join our social media groups.

  • Send brief chapter news and photos to the Newsletter Editor:

  • Join the Pi Delta Phi listserv in order to receive occasional reminders and important information.

  • Keep an extra set (or two) of honor cords in your office for students who decide at the last minute that they need cords.

  • Assure that any new chapter moderator complete and return the New Moderator Form.

  • Represent your chapter by voting in periodic national elections.

  • To those faculty who have served as chapter moderators for at least 10 years, Pi Delta Phi offers a special thank you: a PDP enamel charm that can be used on a necklace chain, a keyring, made into a pin or tie pin, etc. To receive the thank you, qualified faculty moderators should contact the Executive Director and self-report their 10 years of service.


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