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Members and others are invited to join or to follow any of our social media groups: Facebook users can also add a Pi Delta Phi logo frame to a profile photo: instructions.

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  1. Please assure that your chapter webpage, Facebook®, or Instagram® group/page clearly displays your chapter Greek letters or school name, and does not simply state "Pi Delta Phi" which can potentially cause confusion with the National website or official Facebook® group. For example, consider using a variation of: Pi Delta Phi (Mu Alpha), or Pi Delta Phi, Augustana University Chapter.

  2. You may use Pi Delta Phi images (e.g. key) for your chapter website or group, as well as on initiation programs or chapter meeting agendas that you might create and print. Unless, however, permission is granted by the Executive Board, chapters may not use the Pi Delta Phi name or any of its images on products that they wish to create and to sell (e.g. t-shirts, mugs, stickers, or keychains).

  3. Please do not copy and post information or lists from Pi Delta Phi publications or the National website that are likely to change or to be updated, such as: the constitution and bylaws, history of the Society, list of the members of and contact information for the Executive Board, the complete chapter list, etc. Rather, create a link to the National website so that your visitors can access the most current information.

  4. Should students wish to create their own Facebook® or other social networking group, we suggest that the Chapter Moderator serve as one of the group's administrators so that, over time, student administrative responsibility of the group can be assured.

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