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Prices effective  02/01/2024

Reminders to Faculty Moderators

  • FULL PAYMENT must be received before any supplies are mailed; no exceptions.

  • All of the items below include postage & shipping via regular U.S. mail.

  • To allow for sufficient turn around time, requests for memberships and supplies must be submitted to the office of the Executive Director at least 3 weeks prior to a chapter installation or new member induction ceremony. Place your orders early!

  • Orders and full payment must be received by: November 20 (for Fall inductions) and April 20 (for Spring inductions).

  • Please respect all deadlines. If urgent receipt of materials is needed, select Express Shipping.

  • Should you wish to have a department secretary or graduate student assist you by entering information into and placing orders via the database, you must provide the training. Pi Delta Phi is not able to provide individual training.

  • NOTE: Pi Delta Phi and ΠΔΦ are trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Society does not allow chapters, faculty, students or others to make and to sell any merchandise bearing our name, logo or Greek letters and will pursue legal action against all trademark violations.


Payment Information


Chapter Moderators should use the Pi Delta Phi database to enter new student or member information, and to order and to pay for memberships and any other supplies; secure payments may be made using Paypal®. A free Paypal® account can be linked to a faculty or departmental credit card.


Pi Delta Phi will still accept orders and payment via U.S. mail: a completed invoice and a single check in the full amount must be received in the office of the Executive Director before supplies are mailed out (no exceptions). Moderators who use an invoice must still enter new student information into the database. Please strive to place orders well ahead of time, and send a single check in the full amount only; do not forward individual checks from student initiates. Chapter moderators should respect ordering deadlines. If you need to have your institution cut a check, please keep in mind that most schools are unable to do so instantaneously. Find out how long your institution usually takes to issue checks and then build sufficient time into the ordering process on your end. Download and complete the following PDF files and mail them with your payment to the Executive Director:


  • Invoice (order form to send via U.S. Mail with a single check), for use by Chapter Moderators, PDF file

  • Chapter Membership Form, to be retained by Chapter Moderators, PDF file


Supplies Available Via the Database

Note: except for replacement pins, all supplies are available only to chapter moderators


Official PDP cords

  • $150.00—New Chapter Installation Fee (required for New Chapters, includes Charter and Banner)

  • $45.00—Premium Lifetime Regular Membership (includes certificate, pin and one set of cords)

  • $30.00—Premium Honorary Lifetime Membership (includes certificate, pin and one set of cords)

  • $35.00—Regular Lifetime Membership (includes certificate and pin only; no cords)

  • $20.00—Honorary Lifetime Membership (includes certificate and pin only; no cords)

  • $10.00—Replacement Membership Key/Pin

  • $10.00—Patch; 3x3-inch embroidered round color patch bearing the PDP logo/key

  • $20.00—Graduation Honor Cords for Regular or Honorary members; the blue, white and red cords include an attached charm that bears the Pi Delta Phi trademark

  • $.10—Stationery with color PDP logo (per sheet, no envelope)

  • $120.00—Replacement Banner

  • $30.00—Replacement Charter

  • $50.00—Express Shipping

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