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The President's Scholarship for Graduate Students allows a full-time graduate student who is a member of Pi Delta Phi and who is pursuing graduate work in French or select related fields to study or to conduct research abroad in a French-speaking country. The proposed study or research may take place in an established on-site program or may be independent in nature. The award amount is $1,000: $500 is provided to the recipient prior to departure, and $500 is provided upon receipt–to the Executive Director–of a report of the study/research and thank you letter; see deadlines below. The award may be used to help defray travel or lodging costs, or fees associated with study or research abroad; however, the award may not be used for laptops, tablets, portable phones, external hard drives, etc. For questions, contact the Executive Director. Copies of all receipts related to the award money spent should be forwarded to the Executive Director (e.g. airline ticket, lodging, tuition, research costs or fees, etc.). A scholarship poster is available for download and display.


Eligibility Requirements


  • Current regular member of PDP who is currently enrolled full-time as a graduate student in French or French studies, Romance languages, comparative literature, or linguistics at an institution with an active chapter of Pi Delta Phi. Students who have not been inducted into the Society prior to the application deadline are ineligible. Students inducted into the Society as undergraduate students do not need not be inducted into the PDP chapter of the graduate institution; membership is lifetime. Honorary members are ineligible.

  • Applicant must have completed at least 2 graduate-level courses in French.

  • Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident.

  • Applicants who have already received a Pi Delta Phi scholarship are ineligible.

  • Preference may be given to applicants who have not previously studied or lived abroad.

  • Preference may also be based on financial need and lack of opportunity.

  • Award recipient must participate in a study abroad or research abroad experience in a French-speaking country during the summer, fall, or spring terms following the annual March 1 decision date. The reward recipient is responsible to make all study and travel arrangements. The study or research abroad must be completed within 14 months of the March 1 decision date.


Required Application Materials


  • An original Graduate Scholarship Application signed by the Chapter Moderator of the graduate institution. Since PDP online forms and documents are updated annually, make sure to download the most current version of all documents.

  • Letter by the applicant, in English or French, stating clearly and briefly his or her qualifications. The letter must:

    • outline the study or research project and include a brief itinerary

    • address any financial need and any lack of opportunity

    • address any other study abroad scholarships the student has received or for which the student has applied.

  • Two original letters of nomination, in English or French, signed and on university letterhead. The first, from a French faculty member with whom the student has taken a graduate course. The second, from the project advisor; the project advisor may also be in the French department, or may be from a different department, e.g. Comparative Literature.

  • Official graduate transcript(s), included in a separate sealed envelope by the college or university Registrar, or sent via a secure link that the Registrar has emailed to the Executive Director.

  • Note: faxed, scanned or digital copies of documents are not accepted.


Send the completed Application including all required materials to: the current Pi Delta Phi Executive Director.


Annual Deadlines and Important Dates


  • Feb. 15—application deadline including all of the required materials (postmarked no later than Feb. 15); Faxed, scanned or digital applications are not accepted. The February 15 deadline is firm; no exceptions.

  • Mar. 1—scholarship winners will be informed.

  • Graduate scholarship winners are required to submit a scholarly report of their study/research to the Executive Director no later than one month after their return to the U.S. To see an appropriate sample scholarly report, consult the 2018 PDP Fall Newsletter (81:1) p. 6-8.


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