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New Database Launched

Moderators, please read carefully!

Pi Delta Phi is pleased to announce the completion and launch of our new database. Thanks to all of our faculty moderators for their patience during this process. The Executive Board would like to especially thank Mr. Matt Fredericks who worked long hours with our provider WIX to create the database for the Society.

In order to use the new database ALL FACULTY MODERATORS must first create a chapter account. Please consult the illustrated and updated How to Use the Database brochure (available for download in the Moderators > Forms section of the national website) to create your chapter account in the new database. Please allow, especially during this initial database launch, 1-2 business days for your new account to be approved.

Once a chapter account has been approved, follow the illustrated directions in the how-to brochure to enter new student information and to place orders for memberships, including for any candidates who graduated last spring.

Note: the chapter list of previously entered members is not yet available, but chapter members lists were stored in an Excel spreadsheet. If you would like to receive your chapter list of previous members, please contact us:

If you have questions, please contact us:


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