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National President Emerita, 1938-1940*, Secretary-Treasurer Emerita, 1936-1938

Olga Lillian Norstrom, B.A., Alpha


Olga Norstrom obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1934, the same year in which she also served as the Vice-President of the Alpha chapter. She continued graduate work in French at Berkeley and is listed as the President of the Alpha chapter in 1935. Olga Norstrom helped to create the first national publication of Pi Delta Phi, Deux Patries, first published in November 1938 at Stanford University. In her "Message de la Présidente" Madame Norstrom writes, "Je suis particulièrement heuresue de saluer ici la naissance d'une revue qui m'apparaît comme devant inaugurer une nouvelle époque dans l'histoire de Pi Delta Phi. [...] Ainsi se réalisera notre ambition d'établir la Société Pi Delta Phi comme une organisation répandue dans toutes les parties du territoire américain pour y développer l'étude de la culture française." Ms. Norstrom taught at Lone Pine High School in Independence, California in 1936, and served as the secretary-treasuer of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Council for Adult Education in 1945. She passed away on March 7, 2004 in Georgia.


*Estimated dates of service based on available historical documents.

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