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National President Emeritus, 1940-1942

Laurence (Laurent) Le Sage Ph.D., Zeta


Dr. Le Sage was elected National President of Pi Delta Phi in 1940 while an instructor of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon. He completed a B.A. in 1935 and M.A. in 1936 from the University of Illinois. In 1940 he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon. Dr. Le Sage served as the Northwest Pacific AATF chapter treasurer in 1942-1943. He then served in the United States Navy between 1944-1946. When he returned from his leave in 1946, Dr. Le Sage was promoted from Instructor to Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Japanese at the University of Oregon. He resigned his position in 1949 and began teaching at the Pennsylvania State College in University Park (later Pennsylvania State University). Dr. Le Sage is the author of Jean Giraudoux: His Life and Works (1959) and The French New Novel: An Introduction and a Sampler (1962). He was Professor Emeritus of Romance Languages in College of the Liberal Arts from July 1, 1958 until his retirement July 1, 1977. He passed away on October 8, 2003.

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