03/05 Database Update: Chapter Moderators Please Read!


Due to significant ongoing glitches with the Pi Delta Phi database, which include the inability either to enter new student information into the database or to accept payments via Paypal, the PDP National Office must regretfully suspend the ordering of memberships and supplies until further notice. The National Office will make special arrangements with any school that was planning to have a new chapter installed on their campus this semester. We deeply regret this unfortunate setback and appreciate your patience.


The PDP Executive Committee is still considering database and membership management software options. PDP is not alone in this; other small honor societies are also facing database/membership management option headaches. The database update is a major undertaking and unfortunately falls at the most challenging and busiest time of the academic year and for PDP. It is thus highly unlikely that we'll have an update in place by the end of this semester. We apologize for this inconvenience.


1—Moderators who are already very busy can organize a fall induction ceremony that fits into their schedules. Any 2021 graduates who are candidates for membership may still be inducted as Regular members in the fall; invite alums to participate in your ceremony via Zoom or Google Meet, and send certificates and pins to them.

2—Moderators may choose to induct students this semester (but of course without certificates, pins, cords and using the database). In this case, moderators must collect and keep safe the completed paper membership forms and student payments (cash or checks) in their offices and over the summer. Once we announce that a new database is ready, moderators can log in, enter new student information into the database, and order and pay for membership supplies using Paypal. Any students who are still on campus in the fall can then stop by the French department to pick up their membership materials. Moderators will need to send membership materials to any students who have graduated or who are no longer on campus. Thus please remember to ask for students' permanent home addresses.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and hope business in the national office will be back to normal in the fall. We will keep chapter moderators informed about a new database both via the Pi Delta Phi listserv and our national website, www.pideltaphi.org. If you haven't yet joined the listserv, we strongly encourage you to do so. Please forward any questions to: info@pideltaphi.org

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