Update: Fall 2020 & COVID-19

Pi Delta Phi chapter moderators, please read the following update carefully:

1—The National Office will reopen Oct 1, 2020 (through Nov. 20) for fall membership orders.

2—Please plan well ahead for any fall inductions and place your membership orders EARLY; at least 4 weeks prior to any planned induction ceremony date. For any fall inductions, we suggest that you contact potential student candidates and collect membership fees during the first 3 weeks of your fall classes. Place one order (not multiple or piecemeal orders please). Moderators who don't order early and whose membership supplies thus perhaps don't arrive in time for a ceremony will need to send the certificates, pins, etc. to students after the ceremony, or reschedule the induction ceremony.

3—During the COVID-19 crisis, we encourage remote induction ceremonies via Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Moderators are free to adapt the induction ceremony text to fit their needs during this unusual time. Chapter installations will also be conducted remotely by our regional Vice Presidents.

4—Express Shipping is discontinued until further notice. If you order express shipping by mistake, that request will not be honored and the the shipping costs will be refunded to you. Kindly order EARLY.

5—The national office is unable to train office staff, colleagues or grad-students to use the database and to order memberships; that responsibility lies with the chapter moderators. Please consult the How-to guides to learn how to use the database, how to print student information on certificates, etc.

6—Unfortunately, and with regret, the PDP Undergraduate Scholarships are suspended for this year (summer 2021). Given the uncertainty of any summer study-abroad program operating in 2021, the Board announces the suspension of the undergraduate scholarships for this year.

7—Since, however, the time frame to use graduate student scholarship funds is much longer, we are happy to announce that will will be offering our graduate student scholarship this year. Visit the national website for complete details.

8—Finally, kindly remember that both Dr. Evans and I are full-time faculty and only volunteer our time to PDP. We understand what a hectic and stressful semester this is likely to be for everyone. Thank you–especially given how busy your semester will likely be–for serving as a chapter moderator and for helping to promote French.


Scott Fish, Ph.D.

National President, Pi Delta Phi

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