For faculty chapter moderators:


The Office of the President and Provost at SUNY Geneseo--the location of Executive Director Dr. Beverly J. Evans and our PDP national office--has just informed Geneseo faculty and staff the the entire university will be closed for the remainder of the semester; it was formerly closed only temporarily. As a result and with regret, the national office of PDP will be closed until further notice and will no longer be accepting postal OR online database requests for memberships. Dr. Evans will refund any new online requests back to the sender's PayPal account. All current orders had been filled and sent as of March 16, 2020. If you've recently mailed a paper invoice and check, please contact Dr. Evans (evans@geneseo.edu) to inform her if you would like her to return the information/check (when possible), destroy it, or if you are able to cancel the check at your end.


—For the 2020 spring semester only, graduating seniors who are candidates for membership in PDP should be considered for regular membership and may add PDP to their résumés upon graduation, even in this case when spring induction ceremonies are moved to the fall. Certificates and pins must then be mailed to those recent alums following a fall chapter induction ceremony. Students who purchased cords should be allowed to wear them at a 2020 spring or rescheduled summer graduation ceremony, even if the PDP induction ceremony is rescheduled for the fall. If graduating candidates have not yet paid membership fees, you'll need to use your best judgement: collect fees and deposit them for ordering at a later date, or follow up with alums during the summer or fall and request payment.

—Faculty moderators can invite any recent alums back to campus to participate in a fall ceremony, or can choose to induct those alums via Google Hangout/Meet, Zoom, Skype, or even a phone call. Given the unusual circumstances, the online or telephone induction can be very brief; chapter moderators should use their best judgement. This may be a bit more work for the chapter moderators, but we hope they'll agree that the extra steps will help to recognize the hard work of graduating seniors.

—To be prepared for this possible process, we recommend that faculty moderators obtain from each graduating senior a home mailing address, telephone number and personal email address.


—Wait until this fall to collect updated membership forms and checks, and induct these students this fall. As you plan your induction ceremony date, keep in mind the November 1 scholarship deadline.

We're sorry for this sudden change, but given the circumstances we have no choice. For any non-payment questions, please don't hesitate to contact the national office at info@pideltaphi.org

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